Making of Bruegel

The interactive exhibition 'The World of Bruegel' is not a classic, conventional exhibition in one location within a museum. It is a trail extending over more than two kilometres and with 11 locations - the ‘Bruegel stops’ - spread over various parts of the Bokrijk Open-Air Museum. You don't start this type of challenge alone!

The exhibition was co-created with help from a number of partners, including Tourism Flanders and the Province of Limburg. We are very grateful to each of them for their support and trust. Our thanks also go specifically to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna for the fine and convivial cooperation it gave us.


Museum Trail ‘The World of Bruegel’ 2019

Made possible by the non-profit making organisation Het Domein Bokrijk (Domain Bokrijk) and the Bokrijk team.


Concept and production (under the direction of Terenja van Dijk)

A.C.P. , Laika - Theatre of Senses, Toyfoo - Urban / Public Interventions

in association with Buro Landschap, ruimtevaarders, Frits Jeuris, Bart Lens and Oeyen & Winters


Content (under the direction of Dr Katrien Lichtert)

in association with Toon Berckmoes, Prof. Dr Marc Jacobs, Dr Sabine Pénot, Prof. Dr Manfred Sellink, Alexandra van Dongen, Joris Van Grieken, Prof. Dr Jan Van der Stock


With thanks to all lending museums and establishments

Archaeology West-Friesland, Hoorn; Archaeological Service, Antwerp; BakkerijMuseum (Bakery Museum), Veurne; Erfgoed Zeeland (Heritage Zeeland), Middelburg; Glasmuseum (Glass Museum) Hentrich, Museum Kunstpalast (Art Museum), Düsseldorf; MAS/Collections Vleeshuis, Antwerp; Erfgoed Zeeland (Heritage Zeeland), Middelburg; Westfries Museum, Hoorn.


With special thanks to

Chairman and deputy Igor Philtjens and the members of the Executive Board of non-profit making organisation Het Domein Bokrijk (Domain Bokrijk), governor Herman Reynders and the Executive Deputation of Limburg