Bruegel Game

Pieter Bruegel the Elder (ca. 1526/28-1569) designed his paintings as visual puzzles for people to look at together. Viewers can discover all kinds of stories and meanings in them. As conversation pieces, they also lead to discussions. And through his compositions, Bruegel comments on current events, as well as holds up a mirror to his viewers.

We invite you to play the game using one of his paintings, The Battle between Carnival and Lent. It's teeming with little scenes, objects and figures... Want to play along?


In the Bruegel Game, you search for lost objects from the paintings that are hidden throughout Bokrijk. They are the keys to the stories that Bruegel depicts. Collect the objects find on your virtual hat: after all, Bruegel was known for the remarkable head dresses he painted.

Will you win the prize for the funniest hat? You only need to select the best photo of you wearing your hat and share it with #bokrijk and #bruegelgame on Instagram.

Each month, a jury chooses the month’s most beautiful hat. The monthly winner wins a Bokrijk season ticket for the entire family.  When the museum closes at the end of the season on November 2nd, the jury will select the most beautiful hat of all the monthly winners. And the lucky winner will enjoy a city trip to Vienna with the whole family.

Do you have any more questions about the game? Discover everything here in our competition rules.